Lab Chemist

Job Title Lab Chemist

Job Description
  • Knowledge of methods of metal finishing like Zinc Plating, Zinc Nickel, Zinc Iron, Alloy & Nickel.
  • Knowledge of Hexavalent & Trivalent chromate conversion coatings.
  • Knowledge of volumetric methods of chemical analysis.
  • Knowledge of various Electroplating quality testing Equipments such as AAS, UV, Step Test, X-ray Thickness, Hull Cell Panel Test, Conductivity Meter and pH Meters.
  • Knowledge of various coating quality tests such as NSST, CASS, THICKNESS, STEP, PORE COUNT, CRACK COUNT, etc.

Job Location New Delhi

Address Faridabad. Plot No. 342 P, Electroplating Zone, Sector - 58, Faridabad India

Work Experience 2 yrs

Posted on 17/01/2017