About Diamond International

Diamond International Private Limited is one of the leading Companies in India. The Company started its manufacturing activities in the year 1984.

Mr. Kamal Gupta, is the Managing Director of Diamond International Private Limited, one of the growing Automobile Company in India. In his innovative and ingenious direction, Diamond International is relentlessly pursuing to become, “Globally The Most Admired Manufacturer of Shock Absorber and Coil Spring “. The Company is engaged in manufacturing of Automotive Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Sheet Metals and Allied Products for the last more than two decades. The Automotive Shock Absorbers are manufactured for HCV, LCV, Car, Jeep, Motorcycle, Three Wheeler, Scooter, Moped and E-Bikes. The Coil Springs are manufactured for Automotive, Auto-Electrical, White Goods, Railways and Light Engineering Industries.

Diamond International Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified Company.

The Company considers its manpower resource as its biggest strength and strongly believes that Customer Delight can be achieved only through Employee Delight. For some of the leading MNC Customers, the products are supplied on DOL and JIT basis with PPM level near zero. The Products are exported directly to OEMs & Import Houses and indirectly through Merchant Exporters to UK, Middle East, Egypt, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Finland, Germany, Brazil and South Africa.

Road Map to Achieve Excellence

1. Organization to be made 100% System-driven by religiously implementing all the Four International Standards. The ISO Standard are applicable and being implemented for Finance and Administration Department too.

2. Maintaining world class 5S Level through attaining and then sustaining 90% rating in all areas of the Company during the monthly Audit .

3. Continuously improving on Safety, Environment and Health of its people through various activities and setting the new targets after achieving of old ones.

4. Reducing the cost of product through Outsourcing.

5. Implementing different types of Incentives (Financial and Non-Financial) for its people to improve the Top and Bottom Line of the Company.

6. Continuously improving the performance of all the Departments through monthly MIS (Management Information System) Meetings.

7. To assess and impart the Training to people at all levels through Annual Training Calendar and Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Training at defined intervals.

8. Taking various HR Initiatives to create Employee Delight.

9. To continuously identify the New Customers who help in improving the profitability of the company .

10. Achieving and Sustaining the Zero PPM Quality and Delivery Level by continuously focusing on eliminating the root cause of issues which are acting as deterrent to it.

11. Initiating the activities related to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and thereby contributing to the Society.

Quality Policy

Diamond International Private Limited is firmly committed to Customer Satisfaction through Excellence in Quality, Competitive Price, Timely Delivery and Safety of their Products. The Company strives to achieve these goals through:

D – Dynamic Management & Dedicated Work Force
I – Involvement of Everyone
P – Perfection Approach through innovations
L – Leadership through Continual Improvements

Vision and Mission

Diamond International’s vision and mission is to become, “Globally The Most Admired Supplier in all aspects” by meeting International Standards and Customers   aspirations through technological up gradation, continual improvement and approach to perfection through innovation, commonsense & creativity.

Unique Advantage

We are the only Shock Absorber Manufacturer in India who has In-house Facility for Manufacture of Coil Springs, 2 Wheelers Parts, Pressure Die Casting, Sheet Metals, Allied Products & Piston Rods. This has given us an edge over our competitors, both in terms of quality and cost.

Quality Reliability

We take pride to mention that our quality of Shock Absorbers and Springs is appreciated even by manufacturers in same segment as the products are being supplied to them too.

MD'S Desk

One thing which will keep us moving in the current business environment is to keep on changing for better and increasing the pace of change. Second thing is increasing the number of people who are able to adopt themselves to this Company philosophy. When all the people of company work for a common cause or common goal then the growth of that company is unstoppable.

We have to use multiple tools in order to get maximum possible output from our People by taking out their hidden potential.

We will provide the work environment in which our People feel comfortable to work and express their opinions and are ready to take extra responsibility by taking initiative on their own i.e. without external stimulus.

Company tries to address the professional and personal concerns of its people to enable them to give their optimum output and further tries to raise the bar of their performance by setting new target once the earlier target is achieved by them.

Nurturing Associate Affection has become the Key Objective of the Company as once Employee Delight is achieved then rest of the results are automatically achieved as the Delighted Employee is capable , competent and committed to get the desired results in the interest of the Company .